Saturday, August 20, 2011


Well alot has been going on David started MIDDLE SCHOOL. yikes. Hes doing well and loves it so far(only day two no homework even yet) We shall see. In June we lost the baby. Found out my fibroid was in the way big time. Surgery planned for Oct or Nov. Bummer. Hope it will work and we can try again. Work has been slow, so much that some hours are being cut. Our census keeps fluctuating. Already started an online course for Medical Transcriptionist. Hope it goes well. Can't afford not to be making money. This economy really is aweful. Not sure how we are going to survive it as a nation. The stress is really getting to me. Oh well really enjoying visiting with friends at Meadowland Christian Church. Have lots of fun and really learning alot about the lord.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Big News

Well after three IUI procedures. I am pregnant. It feels unreal. Not really sure what to do next. I know just wait....... Ugh Not good at waiting. Need to set up an appointment with the Dr for 2 weeks from now. Dave is so excited, but I think its not real to him yet either. Lil d is just worried it will be a bunch of little girls. Hahahaha. Guess I had better start knitting. Hmmmm Blankets and hats and booties Oh my. Due date is the 5Th of Dec. So it will need lots of warm stuff. The funny thing is I will be turning 40 in October. Hope this pregnancy goes as well as with Lil d. I felt great. So far no symptoms. I do have an awful cold. Real bummer. Oh well better get, gotta work.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Almost Thanksgiving

The year is almost over, I can't believe it. David is 10 1/2. And he is almost as tall as me!!! It wont be long at all. Big D is not growing at this point I think he may be as tall as he will get HEHEHEHEHE. We will be spending T day with my parents as usual, we had hoped to have Dave's Mom and Sister here. But those plans did not work out we are still hopeful for Christmas. I had hoped to be able to go to California, but it was just not possible this year. So I have been watching every cooking show about Thanksgiving and GUY's ravioli looks delicious but we are sticking to the traditional stuff. Maybe I will add a little twist Hmmmm......

On the Knitting front I have been super busy. I have a friend whom is very soon (next Tuesday) gonna have a baby. So lots going on there. Problem is the baby shower got postponed so I think I am just going to give it all to her. I was also hosting her shower so made a diaper cake. It is all newborn size so RH is getting that now too.
New small red blanket for in the car

, Big crib size blanket for at home in three shades of pink.

A sweater

Hats and booties in a few of the colors to match.
Then Little Dave commissioned me to make the flying snake in camouflage(begging for weeks really does work). He wore me down. You can see our dog Charlie sporting it like a scarf. He is not really sure it is not a real snake. We already found it on the floor in the living room, so it may end up being eaten.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

39 really????

So I can't believe it I am 39 years old. I can remember my mother saying she was that old for at least ten years. I have decided to embrace my age and feel great. I am busy working being a wife and mother. Have no time for being old!!!. But dang my back really hurts. Oh well it will never go away so get over it. Worked really hard this week to raise $$$ for the Susan G Komen foundation. We sold cupcakes and ribbons to our coworkers and even a few patients. We were able to make $189.00 And convinced the CFO to match our donation. Yeah!!!
As far as knitting, I have friend who is expecting and am working furociously on a blanket for her. Knit knit knit hurry hurry hurry. It is turning out so pretty. Very happy with it. And still on the needles waiting for free time are my camo socks. Need the blanket first.
And now trying to get started on Thanksgiving plans. Is the family coming or not??? Who knows. But gotta be ready. Well have a nice day.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

School Days

Well Lil D has been in school almost a month. Getting into the swing of things has been harder than he thought. Just the routine. "Homework again!!!" "School is boring" then like my parents did to me, I have to go into all the stories of how I use math everyday. Calculating meds doses weights and how important it is. I never calculate meds on my own always have someone else help. Or just call the pharmacy. And since I haven't been on the floor in years the only calculating I do is how long someone has been in the hospital. HAHAHA Being in case management has its perks "like no more math" yeah!!!!! Now I just have to memorize phone numbers. Oh goodie.
Been working on another pair of socks and going shopping today for yarn. I need a bunch of pink stuff, for a new baby girl blanket. Nice to get back to pink. Last girl blanket I made was forest green, dark purple and off white. Not exactly girley but totally my sister.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Happy Labor Day

Been an interesting summer. Lil D has begged for us to let him go back to school. And after lots of praying and deliberation we have agreed. Poor Dh is sick of being home and the lil d is bored out of his mind. So tomorrow will be his first day back at school in two years. Three cheers for Lil D. Dave will soon be traveling to visit a friend in Florida. Really hoping it goes well and they have a good visit. As far as me I am just working, working, working. Trying to stay sane in this world. Have people surrounding me who are just out for themselves. Its making it very hard to apply the teachings of being a good christian. I am certainly doing alot of praying. It has been a serious challenge for me. I have joined a lovely country church and am learning so much about GOD and myself, its really kinda scary. The people in the church are so loving and caring. They are the best. As far as my knitting I am working on socks. I think I might actually finish this pair. Its a camo pink, stockinette with a small amount of lace work at the ankle. Pretty simple but we will see how the toe goes. I turned the heel like a pro I'm pretty proud of myself. Oh well better get going.

Saturday, July 31, 2010


Well I have been busy on the knitting front. Working on a shrug and have many more projects lined up. Hats and slippers for a set of twins due any minute. And a dear friend is expecting a girl. I haven't gotten to make girlie stuff for quite a while. We will see how it goes. Better get started. As far as the family they are well. Just having a nice summer.